Michaella Mazzoni

Michaella Mazzoni is a multi-award winning nutritionist who has recovered from fibromyalgia and manages hormone conditions Endometriosis and PCOS with diet and lifestyle.

Michaella specialises in hormones, thyroid, stress, fatigue, ADHD, chronic pain and autoimmune challenges. Her approach is to get to the root cause of symptoms in order to facilitate change that lasts.

Michaella offers personalised meal planning, functional testing and supplement guidance and approaches each case individually and holistically with the enjoyment of food and feeling your absolutely healthiest at the centre of her work. You’ll have clear advice on what to eat, what testing is relevant and what supplements could be helpful and safe for you as a unique individual.

Michaella also works with brands such as Boots, Anthroplogie and NutriAdvanced along with press outlets like The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Mail and Marie Claire.

Michaella is available for consultations in Baldock on Wednesdays.

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