Helen Blacker

Women’s Health Coaching

Helen is a women’s health coach who is passionate about helping women to feel less stressed, have more energy and to be happier within themselves.

Helen worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, mainly in the areas of oncology and haematology.  She studied at De Montford University, where she got a degree in Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry and Marketing.  She realised there wasn’t a lot of help out there for managing stress and overwhelm and was keen to help women who may be suffering.

She took a nutrition diploma to understand how foods impact health and a reflexology diploma.  She took additional training in women’s hormonal health, so has a real understanding of how hormones impact women.

When she came across the health coaching course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, she felt it was exactly what she wanted to do to help support women and would bring all her experience and background together.  It was important it was accredited by the UK and International Health Coaches Association (UKHCA).

Helen loves seeing the impact her coaching has had on improving women’s health.

Helen is available for health coaching in Baldock on Thursdays.

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