Alison Wyndham

Alison Wyndham, founder of The Wyndham Centres began her career in 1971 when she trained as a physiotherapist at the Middlesex Hospital in London. Alison opened her first practice from her home in Baldock in 1979.

Alison became interested in alternative therapies to complement traditional treatments and in 1980 qualified in acupuncture at The Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine. Alison’s interest in complementary medicine grew, especially in relation to clinical ecology (food sensitivities) and nutrition. In 1982 Alison qualified in clinical ecology. In the same year Alison also qualified in Vega Testing, a revolutionary test to detect food sensitivities and general health based on biological energy.

A unique test Alison has devised is the ‘Alternative Health Check’, using a series of orthodox and alternative tests to measure a patient’s general health and how it can be improved. As a physiotherapist, Alison aims to focus on preventing recurrences of work related injury and occupational low back and neck pain by addressing postural faults, muscular imbalances and ergonomic problems.

Alison works in Baldock on Wednesdays.


“When I first contacted Alison Wyndham I was in despair at the way that IBS was ruling my life – chronic diarrhoea, bloating, stomach cramps and urgency that was difficult to cope with. Having taken her advice and treatment I can honestly say that I don’t have IBS problems – unless I stray from the diet she advised.
I have a much more normal lifestyle, with IBS perfectly under control. One unexpected (for me) bonus of her treatment is that, after many years of IBS, my skin and hair were in poor condition but now they are really healthy – and look it! Thank you, Alison!”
J Graham

“After visiting Alison Wyndham in January 08 and following her advice on giving up certain foods and drink for 6 weeks, my digestive system, indigestion, and bloatedness, did subside.
I do believe that if I cut out all these products and changed my diet/life style accordingly I would feel a lot better all of the time.
I am trying to be good again now, and have done for nearly 10 days, and to be fair, although I felt ill the first two days, my body has now adjusted and my tummy looks flatter, my hands not so swollen, so all in all its great.”
A Brown

“I find it very hard to believe that only 18 months ago I was so very ill and in so much pain. My allergies were all over the place, my body was full of trauma, and really I was at my lowest state I had ever been.

I was put onto the vega machine, which gives Alison Wyndham a reading of what is wrong and what part of the body is not working, correct.

She then started testing my blood pressure, cholesterol, my sugar levels, and also all my allergies, there were so many things wrong with me no wonder I felt so ill.

It was going to be a long process and I was willing to do, as Alison wanted me to do.

Firstly she changed my diet completely by cutting out all the things I was allergic to, which did not leave a lot left, but Alison gave me lists of everything that I could have in its place, so you really don’t go without. My blood sugar was so high I was on the brink of being a diabetic so a lot in my diet had to change or else I would be a diabetic. My cholesterol and blood pressure was also high but Alison was able to assure me she would put things right.

Alison gave me herbal preparations that I had never taken before, I did exactly as she told me to do, and within a very short time I was begin to feel better.

I am at a stage that I have introduced some foods back into my diet, but if I get a bad reaction, which sometimes happens, I know I have to avoid that certain food.
My blood pressure is normal, cholesterol is low, my blood sugar is low and I am no longer at risk, and the trauma my body was in is really non existing.

I have done what Alison had advised me to do all the way through and I only see Alison every three months now, she has given me a quality of life I did not have before, I have been abroad many times which I have never done before, and do so much in my life now I have to say thank you Alison for all your care and support you have always given me and still do.”

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