Adam Lee

Adam trained with Thomas Atlee at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London. He treats all types of conditions and people of all ages. However he takes a particular interest in chronic conditions, trauma-related illnesses and birth trauma process. Many of Adam’s clients are babies and small children but he is just as happy working with grown-ups too! As he says, ”after all we all have a child within us”.

Adam has not always been a therapist, up until quite recently he used to be a farmer. He comes from a long line of farmers and feels a strong connection with the land. His family have lived in the same village for over 200 years and the same house for 120 years. Although he has changed professions he stills lives on the farm and is responsible for all the conservation work. This keeps him very grounded with Mother Earth which he feels is very important in his work. He has spent many years in and around the ‘therapy scene’. Doing group work, retreats, meditation and tai chi. All these help inform his practice.

Adam is married and has four children. “ Of all the things in my life, my family help keep my feet on the ground and my head in reality! They are my primary focus around which everything else revolves.”

Adam is available for Craniosacral Therapy in Baldock on Tuesdays.

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