Who does it help?

Those with:-

  • stress
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • depression
  • eczema and other skin ailments
  • anxiety and sleep problems
  • hormonal imbalances

It also helps to:-

  • relax
  • improve vitality
  • heal injuries
  • increase emotional and mental strength
  • detoxify the body
  • expand spirituality
  • rejuvenate
  • improve mental focus and clarity
  • help in bereavement and times of transition

What is it?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a natural healing energy activated by intention and means ‘Universal Energy’. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy which flows through all living things and is vital to well-being; known as ‘chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Yoga, Acupuncture and Tai Chi are also based on this free-flow of energy in a person.

How does it work?

During a reiki healing treatment clients remain fully clothed and may be seated or lying down while the practitioner applies her hands on specific points of the body, which work as gateways to the energy. The recipient automatically draws in only as much energy as is needed, using it in the most appropriate way.

While receiving Reiki, clients can feel a gentle warmth and a sense of well-being. Most people feel very relaxed, energised and more balanced afterwards. Receiving a treatment is a unique experience for each person.

Reiki can restore balance in a busy life. Even one session can make a difference to your sense of well being, although a course of treatments may be more effective. A treatment plan will be discussed with you and can be changed at any time, in line with your progress.

How much does it cost?

45 minute session – £45

Please note: Reiki is only available in Baldock, Hertfordshire

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