Natural Alternative to Anti-biotics

More and more we are hearing that our antibiotics are not working so well because the bugs are becoming resistant to them. Soon, even common infections will be able to kill us! This is a scary thought, but luckily there are simple, natural solutions for fighting outside threats to your body and they’re not like … Read more

B12, could low levels be a reason for your tiredness?

Many of the patients who come to see me will complain of feeling fatigued. Whilst their symptoms may vary, many of their complaints are similar, such as a lack of focus and concentration. Some may complain of stomach upset, bloating or constipation, whilst others may feel moody and find that their memory is starting to … Read more

Why Take Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is currently recognised as an immune boosting vitamin and important in the treatment of scurvy. However a recent study has found it to be a crucial vitamin in bone health. The study, published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, demonstrated that at higher levels than just the minimum dose to prevent scurvy, Vitamin … Read more

What’s in Spinach?

Spinach makes you strong, or so we are told by Popeye. Is he right? Well, it is certainly full of great nutrition and it is a very alkaline food. It contains carotenoids, vitamins A, B, C, E and K, folate, calcium, magnesium iron and glycoglycerolipids. Calcium and magnesium will keep your bones strong and healthy, … Read more

What’s in an Apple?

As the saying goes – ‘an apple a day keeps the Dr away’! Well, there is more and more scientific evidence to support the idea that by eating apples it keeps you from having to see your Dr. and protects you from developing chronic health problems such as heart disease, asthma and some forms of … Read more

What’s in an Avocado?

Lots of people avoid avocados because they believe that they are full of fat and therefore calories. Well, they do have a high fat content but it is a healthy fat. It is predominantly monounsaturated and can help to lower LDL, ‘bad’, cholesterol. So, infact, avocados could be considered to be a heart-friendly food. Not … Read more

Why Take Nutrients?

We know that 44% of the population in the UK take supplements. We know that only 1 person in 100 in the EU and 3 people in 100 in the UK have all the nutrients they need for optimum health.  Why is this? One reason is the quality of our food and another reason is … Read more

Vitamin D

Have you often wondered why you feel better in the summer when the sun is out? Well the simple answer is Vitamin D.  Virtually every organ system in your body is dependent on sunshine for optimal performance because it triggers Vitamin D production in your cells.  Vitamin D is an ‘essential’ vitamin which means that … Read more

Proof that you don’t get all your nutrition from foods

Melanie Segala, managing editor of Total Health Breakthroughs, has written: Vitamin Takers Live Longer. ‘Scientists have now proved what those of us into “alternative” medicine have known for years — taking multivitamins will help you live longer. And according to their research, it may be up to 5% longer than people that don’t take them.1 … Read more


Stress, as we know, lowers the immune system and it is often the time when we develop food sensitivities because our bodies cannot cope. It is possible that we all have food sensitivities but it is only once they are triggered that they start to cause a problem.   Having been working with food sensitivities … Read more

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