Hypnotherapy for Digestive Health

It is estimated that between five and eight million people in the UK suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Can Hypnotherapy help IBS? Laboratory tests have shown that under hypnosis, gut sensitivity is reduced and this may alleviate IBS symptoms.  Prof. Peter Whorwell, who runs one of the few NHS clinics offering hypnotherapy to IBS … Read more

Coaching for Better Digestive Health

If you have a problem with your digestive health, you may be making the problem worse through the way you are dealing with life’s problems or the way you think about yourself. Is there something in your life that’s troubling you; that you need to let go of?  Do you have unresolved issues with people … Read more

Craniosacral Therapy and Digestive Health

When digestive problems have become chronic and entrenched or when you feel they are associated with some type of auto-immune response, you may wish to look at the deeper underlying causes of your problem. Different traumas in life can leave deep imprints that the body deals with at the time but never properly processes.  It … Read more

Summer Stress and Hypnotherapy

Most of us think of summer as a time to relax, spend time with family and friends, go away on holiday and enjoy ourselves…. but for an unfortunate few, it can be a very stressful time of year. If you suffer from a FEAR OF FLYING that limits your choice of holiday destination…. If you dread beach … Read more

Healthy Heart

What is a healthy heart?  One that pumps your blood and nutrients around your body at a pressure of 120/80. 120 is the systolic pressure, when the heart beats, 80 is the diastolic pressure, when the heart relaxes. The slower our heart rate the longer we live. To do this it requires healthy arteries, healthy … Read more

Add 10 years to your life

Add 10 years to your life. We all know stress is not a fun place to be. We worry, we feel anxious, we lose sleep. We’ve known that for many years. But now, through the discovery of telomeres, we can actually measure the effects of stress on our body, and it is not good news. … Read more


Breath Out In A Sigh Of Relief   In these busy, hectic times, we can easily feel out of control and stressed as a result.  One of the things we do have total control over in life is our breathing (although for some people it may not always feel that way).   When you breathe … Read more


Stress, as we know, lowers the immune system and it is often the time when we develop food sensitivities because our bodies cannot cope. It is possible that we all have food sensitivities but it is only once they are triggered that they start to cause a problem.   Having been working with food sensitivities … Read more

BACK MASSAGE for stress

As many of us are aware the lifestyles that we live tend to keep us on edge or stressed almost the entire day.  To decompress, or de-stress, from this hectic pace there are dissimilar methods that can be used.  Since our backs tend to take most of this feverish lifestyle demands, having a back massage … Read more

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