Artificial Sweeteners Still Affect Your Blood Sugar

Do you use artificial sweeteners in an attempt to control your weight? Well evidence is growing that they may not be the healthy option that we think they are! Aspartame (nutra-sweet) could actually contribute to insulin resistance as well as being linked with brain and nerve damage and increased risks of multiple sclerosis, dementia, epilepsy … Read more

Sugar Levels Can Affect Your Brain

Type-2 diabetes is becoming more and more prevalent in this country and huge numbers are pre-diabetic, yet most people still do not realise the implications of this illness and that it isn’t ‘just a sugar disease’. It’s a metabolic disorder that has far-reaching consequences when it comes to the quality of your life, your health … Read more

Sugar is Our Addiction

All chronic disease these days has its roots in sugar consumption. The human race in the developed world has a sugar addiction and is dependent on sugar. Sugar is not just added sugar as we know it, adding sugar to your tea or coffee or to desserts, sugar is any substance with a high glycaemic … Read more

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