Sterol 117 by Nutri

Sterol 117 by Nutri


Plant Sterol, Antioxidant & Essential Fatty Acid Complex


Sterol 117™ contains plant sterols, pine bark antioxidants and an essential fatty acid complex, to support
healthy immune and cardiovascular systems. The active ingredients also provide support for joint health and
male urinary health.
Support for atopic individuals and overactive immune systems.
Delivers 300mg of phytosterols per capsule, which can help support healthy cholesterol levels.
Cellasate™ is a blend of fruit oils, seed extracts and essential fatty acids to increase the bioavailability of the nutrients contained in Sterol 117.
Enzogenol™ is an aqueous pine bark antioxidant, rich in flavonoids, derived from the New Zealand
“Pinus Radiata” tree using pure water for extra immune support.

Key Ingredients:

Each capsule typically contains:

Total Phytosterols 300 mg
Plant Phytosterols 183 mg
Beta Sitosterols 117 mg
Cellasate™* 50 mg
Enzogenol™** 20 mg
* Proprietary essential fatty acid complex. ** Proprietary antioxidant complex from pine bark.

Other ingredients:
Rice Flour
Capsule shell (vegetable cellulose)

Contains ingredients derived from:

Recommended Usage:

1 capsule daily on an empty stomach.


£41.95 for 30 tablets


Must not be taken by organ transplant recipients.
Diabetics should only take the product under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.
Safety has not been established during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.


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