Nutrigest by Nutri

Nutrigest by Nutri


Supports Digestion in the Stomach and Small Intestine


• Nutrigest is a potent combination of hydrochloric acid (HCl) (stomach acid), digestive enzymes and ox bile to help support digestion in the stomach and small intestine.
• As we age and in acute or chronic illness, our bodies produce less HCl, necessary to denature proteins and begin the digestive process.
• HCI stimulates the pancreas to secrete more digestive enzymes when released into the duodenum from the stomach.
• HCl production also maintains a low pH in the stomach, thereby performing a vital role in supporting immune function.
• Pancreatic enzymes are necessary for the complete breakdown of carbohydrate, fat and protein molecules.
• Ox-bile helps in the emulsification of dietary fats and subsequently improves absorption.

Key Ingredients:

Contains: Betaine HCI, L-Glutamine Acid HCI, Papain, pepsin, pancreatin, amylase, bromelain, ox bile*.

*Bovine derived glandular concentrate comes from the organs of cattle (cow). They are freeze-dried before being manufactured into supplement form. All bovine glandulars found in Nutri products are sourced from New Zealand, which is recognised worldwide as a country that is free from BSE, enabling consumers to have the highest level of confidence in the safety of bovine-derived material from the region.

The animals are not raised specifically to obtain glands or tissue structures. The primary industry in New Zealand is for meat production, so the glandular collections come as a by-product from that main stream.

Recommended Usage:

1 tablet at the onset of a meal 3 times daily.
Do not break or chew tablets, swallow whole.


£20.55 for 90 tablets


Not recommended for individuals with gastritis or ulcers.
Not suitable for Vegetarians.
Do not break or chew tablets, swallow whole.


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