COQ10 100mg by Nutri

COQ10 100mg by Nutri


This formula also supplies vitamin E for maximum stability and absorption


• High Potency Coenzyme Q10 with Natural Vitamin E.
• CoQ-10 100 features 100mg of natural coenzyme Q10, which has been manufactured to achieve excellent quality, purity and bioavailability.
• The electron transport chain converts the energy stored in carbohydrates into ATP, the energy currency of the body. Co-Enzyme Q10 is a critical component of this process and is the only free (unbound) carrier of electrons in the mitochondria’s inner membrane.
• Inadequate Co-Q10 can cause free radical damage to mitochondria, which then causes a greatly diminished energy production capacity.
• The beneficial effects of CoQ10 are due to its ability to support energy production and act as an antioxidant.
• More active cells like immune cells require much more energy production. Adequate supplies of CoQ10 are essential for optimal function of these cell lines.
• Supports cardiovascular health and function, breast health, brain/neurologic health, muscle performance, periodontal health, and immune system health through its bioenergetic and antioxidant activity.
• Supports healthy cell-membrane stability for tissues throughout the body.
• An oil-base formula supports CoQ10’s lipophilic nature, thereby enhancing absorption and bioavailability.

Key Ingredients:

Each capsule typically contains:
CoQ10 (ubiquinone) – 100mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) – 30mg

Other ingredients:
Ferric oxide (colour)
White beeswax
Sunflower seed oil

Recommended Usage:

Take 1 capsule daily


£20.95 for 30 capsules


If pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication, seek the advice of a medical practitioner.


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