How do we help ourselves in times of stress?

Most importantly we must give ourselves some ‘me’ time. Meditation, just sitting listening to music, a good massage, yoga or Thai Chi are all great ways of relaxation.

It is now widely acknowledged that daily meditation is not just good for us, it has been proven to actually extend our life, create more happiness, increase inner peace, dramatically lower stress levels, and increase mental clarity and thinking ability. Many people feel that they haven’t got the time to invest in years of practice, to learn how to meditate properly but at the Centerpointe Research Institute they have created a proprietary audio technology called Holosync, and a powerful program called The Holosync Solution that instantly, and gently, puts you into deep states of meditation, literally at the push of a button. In fact, Holosync creates even deeper meditation than that achieved by veteran Zen monks.

To find out more about the Holosync, look for a flashing banner on the website. Click on that and it will take you to their website for information.

However, the best drug of all for reducing stress, pain, anxiety and anger, improving communication, inspiring creativity, boosting our morale and empowering ourselves is through seeking stress management classes and addiction center help.

But what one can do, at home, is seek relief through laughter. Laughter is as old as time. There is a Buddhist saying, ‘Everyone laughs in the same language.’ The famous, ancient laughing Buddha is a good example to follow. Laughter is the body’s natural antidote to stress; it increases endorphins and boosts the immune system. The scientific explanation is that the brain cannot create stress hormones and endorphins at the same time. Not only the love of others, but the love of ourself. When we really love ourself, everything in life works. Be loving and you will be loveable, be open and receptive to love.

Here at The Wyndham Centre we can offer several modalities of treatment to help you cope and recover from your stress.

Stress is an emotional reaction to physical, psychological or emotional demands and is part of modern living. The stress response is designed to enable us to deal with difficult challenges or to prompt us to get out of a dangerous situation.

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