Stress, as we know, lowers the immune system and it is often the time when we develop food sensitivities because our bodies cannot cope. It is possible that we all have food sensitivities but it is only once they are triggered that they start to cause a problem.


Having been working with food sensitivities for over 25 years now, I feel it is very important to find out which foods your body is struggling with.  The Vega machine, which is a bio-energetic testing machine, is probably the easiest and best way of testing for food sensitivities.


It also measures energy in your body and your organs and so we can test to see how your stress organs, such as your adrenals, pancreas and ultimately your liver, are coping. I am then able to give you the appropriate nutritional, herbal or homeopathic remedy that can help to boost those organs and give them the wherewithal to heal.


For your body to cope it also requires vitamins and minerals, these are the petrol for your body and it cannot function optimally without them.  I recommend a liquid form for better absorption, 90% of liquids get absorbed as opposed to 40% of tablets! The multivitamin I suggest has 12 natural vitamins, 23 whole food greens, 4 essential fatty acids, 7 plant enzymes, 63 trace minerals, 6 multi-fibre blends, 28 phytonutrients, 18 liquid amino acids, 19 herbal complex blends and ellagic acid …….. what more could you ask for!


Your immune system needs boosting and I would recommend a strong antioxidant to wipe out all the free radicals. 


There are several natural supplements that can be taken to help reduce your stress levels including ‘Compose’ which has a combination of Chinese herbs, ‘5-HTP’ which is a precursor of serotonin and ‘Fields of Flowers’ a complete combination of flower remedies.


Alison Wyndham

Wyndham Health