We have missed our clients, missed helping you all improve your health and wellbeing.

So we are very pleased to tell you that The Wyndham Centre has reopened it’s doors …. albeit with restrictions in place.


The Fleet Street clinic is open for Physiotherapy treatment as normal and Zoom consultations.

To decrease risks in clinic environment:-

  • Patients should NOT go into reception on arrival but come straight up to the second floor
  • Wash hands with soap and water on arrival and on leaving. Hand sanitizer and masks are provided, we’ve made sure to ordered a 72 pack 8 oz hand sanitizer bottle, we got you covered.
  • Cleaning procedures in place between patients will include all door handles, chair, treatment couch, table and card machine
  • Deep cleaning at beginning and end of day

Please call us on 020 7404 0023 for further information or contact us on hatton.garden@wyndham-centre.co.uk


Baldock has opened at a reduced capacity for appointments.

Alison will be in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Elska on Wednesdays
Dawn on Mondays and Thursdays
Karen on Tuesdays and Fridays

The Reception is now open Mon-Fri and you can contact us in the usual way on 01462 893586 or baldock@wyndham-centre.co.uk.

We are asking all clients to attend on their own if they can, obviously we appreciate this isn’t always possible.

Clients will be asked to wears masks, however we do have disposable ones if people don’t have their own.

Please ring the doorbell when you arrive, enter the clinic and use the hand sanitiser provided.

Practitioners will be wearing aprons, masks and gloves and cleaning the treatment room between clients.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to the centre and making you all feel better, better, better, better

Alison Wyndham

Wyndham Health