There is hope for Long Covid patients

10 to 20 percent of all Covid-19 patients develop Long Covid and suffer for months
after the acute phase. A new type of substance can help prevent this.

On 13 January 2020, Jan Kling called the office to say that he would not be coming to work today. The 60-year-old Dutchman, physically fit and with no previous illnesses, had never had the flu in his life, only a rare cold. But on this day everything was different. “I felt very bad, I was coughing almost non-stop. I didn’t have a fever, but I suffered from extreme headaches,” is how Jan Kling describes it. Home remedies for the cough and paracetamol for the headache did not help. After five days, he finally went to the doctor. There, they suspected flu and advised him to simply ride out the illness. Two weeks later, Jan Kling was able to return to work. But he was still plagued by shortness of breath, exhaustion and headaches. Today, Jan Kling knows that he had most likely been infected with the Corona virus. A few days before his illness, he had met a customer in Hungary. He confirmed to him in a telephone conversation in the summer of 2020 that he and his entire family had been infected with Covid-19. Jan Kling’s symptoms were suddenly explainable.


There is no doubt at all: Jan Kling suffered from Long Covid. This refers to symptoms such as exhaustion, shortness of breath, loss of the sense of smell or severe concentration disorders, which persist even after the acute infection by the SARS-COV-2 virus, the trigger of Covid-19, has been overcome. Why Long Covid occurs in the first place is not yet entirely clear. But there is strong evidence that the problem is related to how our immune system responds to infections in general. ” It is generally assumed that the cause is the persistence of an inflammatory process triggered viruses or virus fragments,” says Dr Martin Edlinger, a general practitioner at the Clinica Austria in Alicante. It is now recognised that a very significant number of deaths associated with viral infection are due to a phenomenon known as a cytokine storm. This occurs when the replication of the virus in the body leads to an excessive inflammatory response. Cytokines are the substances produced by the body whose main function is to signal the immune system to fight off an infection. In some patients, however, an overreaction occurs – the cytokine storm – and the excessively released cytokines lead to considerable inflammatory reactions in the body. In addition to the symptoms described above, these can lead to severe damage – even organ failure and death. The problem should not be underestimated: “Long Covid develops in 10 to 20 percent of all covid patients. In Europe, that’s about five million, worldwide about 20 million,” explains Francisco Mera Cordero from the Catalan Health Institute ICS. “Their health status and quality of life are severely affected.”


But there is hope. Clinical trials have been able to show that a novel product can help fight the symptoms of Covid -19 disease itself while blocking the overreaction that can lead to rapid deterioration. ArtemiC is an all-natural food supplement from Switzerland, produced and distributed by the company Swiss PharmaCan AG. Its main ingredients – vitamin C, curcumin and frankincense – reduce inflammation, have an antibacterial effect and strengthen the immune system. A special manufacturing process improves the bioavailability of the ingredients and thus leads to a very high degree of effectiveness. ArtemiC was tested in a study with 50 Covid-19 patients in India and Israel. “The patients were in poor health, had fever and preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes or obesity – risk factors for a severe course,” explains Dr Nadya Lisovoder, CEO at Galilee Clinical Bio Research, the organisation that conducted the trial. About half of the patients received ArtemiC, the remaining a placebo. “At the end of the study, 100 per cent of the patients in the treatment group showed improvement. Within 15 days of follow-up, all had fully recovered,” says Dr Nadya Lisovoder, summarising the results. She emphasises the broad application possibilities of the food supplement: “The use of ArtemiC is to stop systemic inflammation. Therefore, it should not only be useful against COVID-19. There are many diseases that are related to a cytokine storm: Influenza, pneumonia, Crohn’s disease or rheumatoid arthritis. We believe that the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect of ArtemiC can be very useful against many diseases.”


Dr Edlinger from Alicante was also able to convince himself of the efficacy of the remedy: “In our practice, we have had 33 Long Covid patients so far. All of them were free of symptoms after just 14 days of taking ArtemiC.” Dr Edlinger describes a noticeable energy boost reported by his patients – an effect that he believes could be present even without the presence of Covid 19 disease. For Jan Kling, ArtemiC meant the end of his suffering. “My condition was getting worse and I thought I would have to live with it. But then he had the opportunity to try ArtemiC in December 2020. “Within two days I had 60 per cent of my lung capacity back, and after three days it was 90 per cent. It was a wonderful feeling to finally be able to breathe freely again,” Jan Kling describes the effect. The headaches also disappeared. In the meantime, Jan Kling can again pursue leisure activities that he had to do without for a long time – cycling tours and other outdoor activities, for example: “ArtemiC has given me my life back”.

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