Surviving Christmas

So Christmas is nearly with us and as we get closer it can become more and more stressful.  For some reason we all believe that everything has to be perfect.  The tree up and decorated, the presents wrapped and under the tree, the decorations up, the Christmas cake and pudding made, the turkey ordered, the stuffing made and bags of  ‘special’ food brought in just for a few days of over eating!

How is it best to manage this stressful period?

1.  Make lists:-

  • All the things that you need to do, in the order you want to do them.  That way things are not going around and around in your head and stopping you from sleeping.
  • All the non perishable food because you can buy a few things every time you go to the supermarket and it doesn’t become such a big deal.
  • All the perishable food which is more of a last minute shop just before Christmas, but with the supermarkets open all hours choose a time when there may be fewer people and smaller queues.

2.  If you still have some shopping to do make sure that you regularly go back to the car, or send your parcels to ‘customer collection’ to look after your back.  A day’s shopping and carrying bulky bags can wreak havoc on the back.

3.  When wrapping your presents sit at the kitchen table to protect your back, otherwise by the time you have spent a few hours bent double, your back will not be very comfortable.  It is also a good idea to get up and move around every so often so that you keep mobile.

4.  The run up to Christmas can be filled with get togethers and parties where there will be a lot of extra food and drink.  Now I don’t want to be a party pooper here but you don’t have to stuff yourself or get drunk to enjoy the evening.  Those calories are much easier to put on than take off!

5.  Cooking the Christmas meal doesn’t have to be stressful especially if you invite the family to help.  It is so much more fun to be cooking together.

6.  Take a family walk on Christmas Day, a little fresh air and exercise before or after your main meal can help with digestion.

7.  Drink plenty of water.  Our bodies are 7o% water and it is important to drink enough or you will compromise your body and your health.  One of the greatest symptoms of lack of water is fatigue, and alcohol will dehydrate the body, cause you to sleep and then miss out on all the great festivities.

8.  It looks like the cold weather is going to continue so keep the heating on a lower constant temperature throughout the day and layer up on your clothing to keep cosy and warm.

9.  So what else can keep your body in tip top form?  Certain supplements will help to keep your immune system up and stop you from catching all the nasty infections going around.

  • A good Multivitamin and Mineral such as Maximol.
  • B Vitamins are nature’s de-stressors, they will be great for helping with your stress levels.
  • Vitamin D3, the sun vitamin is vital for your immune system during the winter months.
  • Vitamin C, builds your immune system but is also great to help with the slight hangover if you do happen to overindulge on the alcohol – 2 grams a day is a good dose.
  • Milk Thistle is a great supplement for the liver and at a time when we know we will eat and drink more than usual, it is worth taking.

10.  Finally, have lots of FUN.  This is a great family time, a time for giving and receiving, and showing your family that you love them all.  Get that mistletoe out and enjoy.

Wyndham Health