MyCell Technology®

This is the ability to convert oil soluble substances into water soluble substances thereby increasing absorption by 100%

Stabilised Mycell technology increase

  • Bioavailability (absorption)
  • Protection (bio-efficiency)
  • Cellular uptake
  • Excretion (bio-efficacy)

The body has a mechanism to deal with oils entering the body that is the production of ‘mycells’.  They dart in and get hold of the active ingredient and bring it into the system.

There are however some problems with this – firstly the lipid nutrient is no longer in the food, and secondly it takes a huge amount of energy to create ‘mycells’ to get the nutrients in and unfortunately it is no longer happening.

However, a scientist has managed to create ‘mycells’ outside the human body which means that the ‘mycells’ can contain the active ingredients within them, and therefore absorb the nutrients that you are putting into your system. 

When you take nutrients into your mouth it has to go through the acid stomach, enzymes smash it all up and your body is only going to absorb 7-15% of what you are putting in, but with ‘mycells’ the absorption increases to 80-100% instantly giving a massive increase in nutrients absorbed, and the impact physiologically is dramatic.

It protects the active ingredient that is within the ‘mycell’ and is driven directly to the cellular structure, using polarity across the surface, delivering the active ingredient into the mitochondria of the cell and taking out the toxins at the same time.

The ‘mycell’ in the body is made up of individual ‘threads’, one end is aquaphilic or water loving and the other end is lipophilic or oil loving.   The threads gather around the active ingredient and then draw it, because it is water soluble, straight into the blood stream.

It has now been possible to create this in the laboratory using nature and plants without changing and manipulating the structures of the active ingredients to make an incredible impact.  

To get the active ingredient into the body they can wrap it in the structures, mycellating it, using polarity to drive them to the cellular structures we want them to get to, allowing absorption into the body.

They also come in sublingual form which immediately penetrates the mucous membranes of the mouth into the blood stream and then driven to the cells, giving the body all the nutrients.

A truly amazing technology.

Products using ‘mycell’ technology are:

  • HHRX
  • Mi.CoVitC
  • Mi.Curcumin 6%
  • Mi.VitD3
  • Mi.VitD12
  • Mi.CoQ10+E
  • Mi.VitC

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