Health Issues

  • Diabetes Types

    There are two main types of diabetes. These are: Type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes   Type 1   Type 1 diabetes develops if the body is unable to produce any insulin. This type of diabetes usually appears before the age of 40. Type 1 diabetes is the least common of the two main types and […]

  • What is Diabetes Mellitus?

    Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where the amount of glucose in the blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. Glucose comes from the digestion of carbohydrate containing food and drinks, and is also produced by the liver. Carbohydrate comes from many different sources including starchy foods such as bread, potatoes and […]

  • Processed food….. a cause of cancer

    Processed food….. a cause of cancer Processed foods are part of our life these days, but how good are they for us? They are certainly more convenient and faster, and what we do know is that obesity and processed foods play a key role in cancer. Why? New studies published over the last 2 years […]

  • Women have Different Heart Attacks

    If you or someone you love was having a heart attack, would you be able to recognize the symptoms? According to Dr. Al Sears MD, you may be surprised to learn there’s more to a heart attack than chest pain. Especially in women. In fact, many women never realize they’re having a heart attack, until […]

  • Do You Suffer From Restless Leg Syndrome?

    Do you suffer with restless legs syndrome? Are you taking a pharmaceutical drug for it? Well the real cause of it is often a simple mineral deficiency! I’d first like to explain why you should avoid, if at all possible, the popular prescription drugs that are being marketed to treat restless legs syndrome (RLS). The […]


    Pain can be the result of a food or airborne sensitivity, whether it is the physical pain from a joint, arthritis and migraines or the pain from asthma, eczema, sinusitis or hayfever or digestive problems such as irritable bowel.  Sometimes the discomfort is minimal, but when the body’s reaction is such that it stops you […]

  • REFLEXOLOGY for pain

    By working on the reflex points on the feet, we are working through the nerve pathways, therefore working all the organs, functions of the body and body parts that are congested, damaged due to accident, injury or illness.   By balancing the organ with the nerve pathway from the spine, tension and pain can be […]

  • LIFE COACHING for pain relief

    Try Life Coaching for dealing with emotional pain.  If you feel any anger, guilt, grief, bitterness or resentment, you will be suffering because of it.  These feelings may also result in physical dysfunction.  Louise L Hay (author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’) explains that illness is often caused by dis-ease. Coaching can help you […]

  • KUNDALINI YOGA for pain

    Meditation is a very powerful tool that is used within Kundalini Yoga and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Through breathing and meditation, focusing at the brow chakra, you can regain control of your mind, body and walk the path of the soul. You can gain freedom from all worldly limitations, including those that […]