How safe are our antiperspirants?

Are our Antiperspirants slowly killing us. Research at Reading University has found a possible link between the use of Antiperspirants & Cancer.

Sacro-iliac Joint in Detail

As the name suggests this joint is formed by the union of two separate bones, one being the lower part of the spine (the sacrum), and the second, being one of the three bones which make up the pelvis (the ilium). Hence the L-shaped sacro-iliac joint (SIJ). The two different surfaces are covered with different … Read more

9 Hayfever Beating Supplements

For many of us, the end of spring is a beautiful time of year but not for everyone – unfortunately, this is the season that can be a very uncomfortable time for Hayfever sufferers. Hayfever affects 2-3 million people in this country every year, and the statistics are growing; an allergy to mould spores from … Read more

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