Karen Perry

Karen has practiced Chiropody since 1996, providing treatments at The Wyndham Centre on two days a week. She also visits patients in their own homes and Nursing/Care homes locally. You can visit this page to see which nursing home she visits.

Chiropody is the term given to the physical treatment of the feet. Such conditions as corns, calluses/splitting skin, nail difficulties, skin and nail infections, verrucas and general footcare are professionally and thoroughly treated. Many health conditions, such as Diabetes, require specific care partnered with appropriate advice – this is provided to all Patients as required. Karen provides a lighthearted but knowledgeable presentation to groups wishing to know how to care for their feet.

Many problems experienced on the feet can be attributed to our natural ageing process. The feet change in both shape and functioning – they can fail to be the strong and stable foundation our body needs resulting in loss of mobility , often accompanied by pain. Assisting the foot structure to work correctly again is achieved using a streamlined and supportive insole which is available here at the clinic.

If pain and/or difficulty in walking is experienced please contact us for further details or to make an appointment.

Karen works in the Baldock clinic on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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