Elska Clark

During a career in Primary School Teaching Elska became interested in complementary medicines, due to her own ill health.  Finding success with Pathogenic Therapy, Elska trained to become a Pathogenic Therapist herself in 2014.  Elska co-ran Cambridge Wellness Clinic 2015-2017 and founded Horizon Wellbeing 2016-2019 and Gem Energetix 2021-present.

Elska joined The Wyndham Centre in 2018 as a Pathogenic Therapist. Elska is thought to have the largest pathogen energy signature library of Pathogenic Therapy practitioners in the UK and treats clients with a broad range of symptoms and conditions. Suffering from food sensitivities herself, during 2018-2021 Elska undertook training with Alison Wyndham, to better understand the practice of Food Sensitivity Testing at The Wyndham Centre.

Pathogenic Therapy is the detection and elimination of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and toxins from the body with the aid of a Vega machine for testing, and remedies for treatment.

Elska is available for appointments in the Baldock clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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