Dawn French

Dawn had a vocational calling to physiotherapy from a young age and has been a respected and committed physiotherapist within both the NHS and private practise since 1988.

For as long as she can remember, Dawn had an urge to work in the medical profession. Pondering her career choices as a sixth former Dawn knew she didn’t have the commitment to spend many years studying to be a doctor, but equally she didn’t want to be a nurse. She looked into occupational therapy, radiography and physiotherapy. “I liked the idea of physiotherapy because you can build up a rapport with clients and create results to get them back to work. You feel like you’ve achieved something” she says.

Dawn decided she didn’t want to go to university but that she wanted to go straight to physiotherapy college – against the advice of her form teacher and careers advisor.

She initially wanted to train to do physiotherapy for the RAF, but the training school closed the year she was due to join. Instead Dawn studied her Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy at Cambridge School of Physiotherapy, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and graduated in the summer of 1988.

Dawn has been working at The Wyndham Centre since 1990, and is available for Physiotherapy appointments at the Baldock clinic.

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