David Sheppard

Massage Therapist

David trained as a massage therapist qualifying in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Holistic Massage. 

Soon after he found himself pulled in two directions, with the clinical and sports approach to bodywork sometimes suiting a client or sometimes a more subtle holistic approaches being suitable for the same client.  

He was fortunate to be accepted by the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage in Brighton, where he qualified in their respected BTEC 6 in Clinical and Sports Massage.  With a fusion of Eastern and Western approaches Jing allowed him to develop a style which is deep, nurturing and effective.

David’s massage can be a blend of Myofascial Release, Sports techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Dry Needling, alongside deeply nurturing touch and Thermotherapy with Hot Stones.  A deep dive into your health history and a consultation will establish which approaches are most suitable for you.

When David isn’t working with clients, he might be found working out, in the kitchen fermenting or baking, in the garden digging a hole or making music of various kinds.

David is available for consultations in Baldock on Tuesdays.

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