VegaCheck Analysis

Who does it help?

Those who exhibit definite symptoms even though no clinical /morphological findings can be diagnosed and any lab results come back fine and yet clearly you do not feel 100%.

These are so-called ‘functional disorders’ and are triggered by:-

  • bad diet
  • environmental toxins
  • electromagnetic pollution
  • fungi
  • parasites
  • heavy metals or stress

Functional disorders lead to:-

  • chronic or persistent problems
  • weakening of the internal defences
  • energy reduction
  • susceptibility to allergies
  • sleep disorders
  • many other variable symptoms

What is it?

The Vegacheck Analysis brings in a new diagnostic era, and has been developed after years of research and development. It checks out the patient from head to toe and informs the practitioner as to the patient’s overall state of health. It shows graphically and in detail where functional disorders are located in the patient’s body that are not always detectable by standard investigative methods such as x-ray, ultrasound, cat scans or lab tests.

How does it work?

The Vegacheck Analysis has 6 electrodes that are attached to your feet, hands and head and via these electrodes both negative and positive 13hz pulse currents are transmitted in 4 consecutive sequences. The body is divided into seven segments and measurement takes place over these segments, each of which is related to certain organs. The results give us information about the energetic state and function of organ and organ groups.

The body generates some quite short–period rhythms that are closely linked with metabolic processes. It is these biological fluctuations that the Vegacheck Analysis makes use of and any deviation from the normal rhythms indicates a disturbance. It gives hints of acute, inflammatory, degeneration or allergic ailments including the affected organ or areas. Years of research and experience allow the Vegacheck Analysis to categories these deviations and derive diagnostic information from them.

How much does it cost?

Per session – £80
Please note: The VegaCheck Analysis is only available in Baldock