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Common Drugs Cause Dementia

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Having watched with great sadness as my Mother becomes worse with dementia I can understand why we would all like to find a cure for it. It is frightening to watch someone who you are so close to deteriorate to such an extent that she does not remember what occurred 5 seconds before or what was said a second earlier. Nothing stays in! Can you imagine not remembering anything – a blank mind?

Well, I have read in an article by Racheal Linkie, editor of Health Sciences Institute that new research may have an answer. It is not a new breakthrough drug, but infact quite the opposite. They have found that the solution lies in NOT taking any medication!

Researchers have just revealed that more than 100 commonly prescribed drugs can cause symptoms of dementia. Some of these drugs have a direct effect on the brain such as sleeping pills, tranquillisers, anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety drugs. However what is even more worrying is that some more ‘everyday’ drugs are also included in the list, such as those for acid reflux, blood pressure, stomach upsets, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories. Even Paracetamol taken on a regular basis can mimic dementia! How frightening is that?

One geriatric psychiatrist said that dementia symptoms ‘vanish’ in many cases when medication is stopped!

In another study it was found that as many as 30% of alzheimers patients may be misdiagnosed!

As I have always said, drugs are not something that the body is ‘lacking’ and all drugs have side effects because they are not natural. Obviously in some instances they are vital to our health, but we do live in a very toxic environment and drugs just add to the toxicity. It is becoming more and more obvious that the type of diseases we all suffer now are quite likely to do with the chemicals and toxins that we overload our body with in the world we now live in.

Designer Water

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The ReHydration Station

We have designed you some very special water that will keep you rehydrated and give you energy. This is a maintenance programme that is easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle and will help with the healing process.

All you have to do is add 8 drops of three or more different homeopathic remedies to 500ml of mineral water and sip it throughout the day. Depending on what results you would like, you can add either something to help you drain the toxins from your body, or something to give you more energy or something to help reduce inflammation, or even a combination if you like!


Relaxes the tissues and cells of the body so they become more receptive to the absorption of water and nutrients. Promotes healthy cell function. Helps balance out water retention. When body is rehydrated healing strategies work more effectively.


A unique and effective mineral supplement that provides the body with easy-to-absorb 100% naturally occurring ionic trace minerals in liquid form. SpectraMin is highly pH which alkalises the body. Any minerals not needed just pass through the body. It is a natural antibacterial solution and can even be used as an eye bath – dilute 1 drop of SpectraMin to 30 drops water.


A homeopathic drainage remedy designed to assist the body in opening blockages within the drainage pathways so toxins can be excreted. Helps to improve the immune system by keeping the systems toned and opens the pathways so they work more efficiently.


A homeopathic remedy designed to help with any kind of inflammation.


A broad-spectrum homeopathic remedy for anxiety, grief, insomnia and other signs of acute emotional stress. Helps with stress by calming and cooling the nervous system. Helps with insomnia by relaxing over-thinking and the nervous system.


Has been widely researched and documented for its naturally occurring antioxidants and supportive effects on normal cardiovascular health, energy levels, gums, wrinkles and other signs of aging. CoQ10 helps to oxygenate the body at a cellular level. Absorbs into the body immediately. CoQ10 is an energy producing enzyme naturally present in the body that diminishes with age.

These products are not available online. Please call 01462 893586 for further information and to order.

Liver and Intestine Clean Up

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IntestineChristmas is over and the new year has begun.  How are those new year resolutions?   Have they gone by the board yet, or are they beginning to become more difficult to stick to?   The over indulgences are regrets and the task to ‘get fit’ looks like an uphill climb again!  

Well let us help you on the way with a liver and intestine clean up!   No I am not saying that you are all alcoholics!  Our livers are for detoxing all kinds of toxins and chemicals, not just for metabolising alcohol. 

We live in a very toxic world and it is becoming very obvious now that chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart disease are all linked to pollutants in our environment.  Environmental pollutants include chemical toxins such as the solvents that we clean our houses with, medications, alcohol, pesticides, herbicides, food additives, and heavy metals such as lead from car fumes, mercury from your fillings in your teeth as well as fish from polluted waters, cadmium from smoking, arsenic, nickel and aluminium from all deodorants.  These toxins stay for years in the body, are very resistant and they remain in our fatty tissue which surrounds our vital organs and the nervous system including the brain.

In your colon you have 3kg of microflora.  Chronic stress and certain drugs such as antibiotics, steroids, the contraceptive pill and HRT can create an imbalance.  When the bacteria die they break into fragments which are very tiny and can pass through the gut wall into the body as endotoxins.  These then pass into the portal veins to the liver, where it is broken down again putting a huge strain on it, causing even more toxins to store in the fatty tissue.  Toxins are pro-inflammatory, causing chronic disease and altering our metabolism by affecting the thyroid, hormone metabolism and the immune system. 

So what can you do about it?

The 4R Program 

1.  Remove:   First and foremost you must detox the intestine and the liver to help clear the chemicals. 

To help the intestine it is important to remove any foods that your body  may be sensitive to.  It is most likely that the food you are sensitive to will   be some of the foods that you eat on a regular basis such as milk and dairy products, wheat, yeast, sugar, citrus, tomatoes and peppers, tea, coffee and chocolate.  The vega machine or other bio-energetic machines are probably the easiest and best ways of testing for food sensitivities.  

Cut out all processed food and high glycaemic carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and high fat foods.

The liver detoxes through 2 phases.  The first phase makes the toxic chemicals water soluble and phase 2 binds the water soluble chemicals to clear them and protect the body.  If the liver is congested it will require help to detox and there is an excellent supplement  (Ultra Clear Plus pH)  that is made up of a combination of selective nutrients in amounts that support specific metabolic pathways within the liver so that externally and internally produced toxins may be effectively removed from the body.

2. Replace:  Stomach acids, enzymes and an alkaline medium to improve gastrointestinal function.

The body produces around 22 enzymes that all work on different types of food.  They are proteins and break down your foods into simpler substances that can be more easily absorbed. 

Nutrients are trapped in the foods that you eat and your digestive system was designed to set the nutrients free, but not without the help of the enzymes found in raw and fermented foods.  Due to a poor diet you often lack enzymes and if you constantly eat cooked, processed food, your body is forced to supply all of the enzymes needed to digest that food.  This requires a lot of energy, and is the reason for feeling tired after eating a meal.

Green vegetables are the most alkaline food once digested, and it is very important to keep the body alkaline.  The pH level of your internal fluids affects every cell in your body.  The entire metabolic process depends on an alkaline environment.  The blood must maintain a pH of 7.365 and any reduction, limits its ability to manage the acid waste produced by our cells. So the body then takes the calcium from the bones to buffer the acids, which in the end will result in osteoporosis.  To help keep the body alkaline there are some good ‘green’ supplements to take (Green Vibrance).

3. Reinoculate:  Pre and probiotics to improve the gut flora and herbs for liver protection.

In a healthy colon, there are billions of beneficial bacteria.  Usually they multiply at a fast enough rate to keep up with the numbers that are lost during elimination.  They help to keep the proper pH of the colon and therefore prevent any ‘bad’ bacteria from over growing.  These ‘friendly’ bacteria are also important because, not only do they help to keep the immune system healthy, but they also synthesize many important vitamins in the digestive tract including Vitamin K and some of the B vitamins. 

The ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria should be 80% good to 20% bad, however it is believed that in most people this is ratio is actually reversed.  The reason for this is primarily the denatured diet you consume and the abundance of drugs that you take, especially antibiotics.  It is therefore really important to take probiotics (Ultra ProBioplex) to keep the flora in the gut at optimum levels.

For liver protection there are some excellent herbs, the most well known of which is silymarin (Milk Thistle).

4. Repair: Heal the lining of the gut, take nutritional supplements including a hormonal metabolite, and eat good food to prevent the accumulation of toxins.

L-Glutamine, a common amino acid that is found in many protein containing foods, is an important nutrient for many bodily functions one of the most important being for healing the lining of the small intestine.  It is a good immune booster preventing the toxins from entering the intestine.

Recently modern science has pinpointed the specific activity of individual cruciferous phytonutrients, especially diindolylmethane (DIM), from vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Oestrogen metabolism occurs in the second phase of the liver detoxification and in clinical trials taking DIM as a supplement has been shown to promote healthier oestrogen metabolism in both men and women.

It is important that the body has its full quota of vitamins and minerals to help repair the liver and intestine and I recommend a liquid multi for greater absorption.  Maximol provides us with bioavailable naturally occurring nutrients that are easily absorbed and assimilated by our body to provide complete nutrition at cellular level.

What is ‘good food’?  Fresh, raw, organic fruit and vegetables with low glycaemic index carbohydrates and small amounts of organic fish and meat.

So lets get started

Book in for a Gold ‘Clean-up’ Alternative Health Check which will involve testing for:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Cholesterol
  3. The age of your arteries
  4. Blood sugar
  5. Amalgam in your teeth
  6. Food sensitivities
  7. Body energy scanning

You will be advised on your diet, the use of the supplements and the next step to detoxing and keeping your body healthy and working optimally.

Or a Silver ‘Clean-up’ Alternative Health Check which involves testing for:

  1. Food sensitivities
  2. Body energy scanning

You will be advised on your diet, the use of the supplements and the next step to keeping your body healthy and working optimally.

With either a Gold or Silver ‘Clean Up’ Alternative Health Check you can purchase a tub of UltraClear Plus pH.


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By working on the reflex points on the feet, we are working through the nerve pathways, therefore working all the organs, functions of the body and body parts that are congested, damaged due to accident, injury or illness.


By balancing the organ with the nerve pathway from the spine, tension and pain can be released, breaking down the congestion and tension, which helps to eliminate toxins when necessary, and can reduce pain quite dramatically, allowing the body to heal itself.


Jane Oppegaard


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Indian Head Massage can help headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

It is soothing, relaxing and eases stiff muscles. It increases the circulation in the scalp and neck and shoulder muscles, sending more oxygen to these areas. It releases toxins to help ease pain.

As the upper body and head is massaged, there is usually some kind of emotional release as well, but often not noticed until the day after, where unexplained emotions might be felt and released. There may be tears or anger, giggling or silliness, but you can feel much better afterwards.