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  • Common Drugs Cause Dementia

    Having watched with great sadness as my Mother becomes worse with dementia I can understand why we would all like to find a cure for it. It is frightening to watch someone who you are so close to deteriorate to such an extent that she does not remember what occurred 5 seconds before or what […]

  • Liver and Intestine Clean Up

    Christmas is over and the new year has begun.  How are those new year resolutions?   Have they gone by the board yet, or are they beginning to become more difficult to stick to?   The over indulgences are regrets and the task to ‘get fit’ looks like an uphill climb again!   Well let us help you […]

  • REFLEXOLOGY for pain

    By working on the reflex points on the feet, we are working through the nerve pathways, therefore working all the organs, functions of the body and body parts that are congested, damaged due to accident, injury or illness.   By balancing the organ with the nerve pathway from the spine, tension and pain can be […]


    Indian Head Massage can help headaches and neck and shoulder pain. It is soothing, relaxing and eases stiff muscles. It increases the circulation in the scalp and neck and shoulder muscles, sending more oxygen to these areas. It releases toxins to help ease pain. As the upper body and head is massaged, there is usually […]