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  • For a Healthy Body, Heal your Gut

    Our modern world is not good for our gut. You have heard the expression, ‘you are what you eat’, however more importantly ‘you are what you absorb’. The gut serves as your ‘first responder’ to the junk in your diets. Chemicals, drugs especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, and foreign, man-made creations can cause damage to the lining […]

  • Why Take Nutrients?

    We know that 44% of the population in the UK take supplements. We know that only 1 person in 100 in the EU and 3 people in 100 in the UK have all the nutrients they need for optimum health.  Why is this? One reason is the quality of our food and another reason is […]

  • The Life-giving B Vitamin

    According to Jenny Thompson from HIS research there is, surprisingly, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that is showing vitamin B6 as a cancer-fighting vitamin! The JAMA study is a review and meta-analysis of 13 studies. Nine examined B6 intake, and four examined blood levels of PLP, the active […]

  • Digestive Health

    The Wyndham Centre’s tips on Digestive Health Food Sensitivities Food sensitivities are common place these days, if I tested everyone on the street I would find them sensitive to something. However, if your immune system is up, you are feeling good, and life is wonderful, you are less likely to react to those sensitivities. Solution: […]

  • Miracle fatty acid adds years to your life

    According to Dr. Al Sears MD, omega-3s may determine how long you’ll live, and it’s not just because they’re good for your heart. Omega-3s may now have a profound effect on anti-aging by slowing down the shortening of telomeres. What are telomeres? They’re protective tips that cap the ends of your DNA. Each time your […]

  • An Alkaline Body is a Healthy One

    Leading research institutions and medical journals agree that balancing your pH can help put an end to heart problems, joint pain, high blood pressure, uncontrollable cholesterol, blood sugar problems, fatigue and sleep problems, and much more. Your body is 70% water and every one of your 100 trillion cells is filled with water. Every other […]

  • Gingko Biloba Improves More Than Just Memory, New Study Suggests

    In a comprehensive review of current scientific data, a clinical neuropsychologist has found that gingko biloba not only improves declining memory, but also offers considerable benefits for other cognitive functions. Dr. Reiner Kaschel of the University of Osnabrueck, Germany, analyzed the findings of 29 published clinical trials and found that patients who took gingko extract […]

  • Eat your way to 100!

    Believe it or not, there is such a thing as an anti-aging diet, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on exotic foods to get big benefits. Many diseases that strike as you age are caused by oxidative stress, or the accumulation of too many free radicals in the body. Free radicals are oxygen […]

  • Healthy Heart

    What is a healthy heart?  One that pumps your blood and nutrients around your body at a pressure of 120/80. 120 is the systolic pressure, when the heart beats, 80 is the diastolic pressure, when the heart relaxes. The slower our heart rate the longer we live. To do this it requires healthy arteries, healthy […]