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Pain can be the result of a food or airborne sensitivity, whether it is the physical pain from a joint, arthritis and migraines or the pain from asthma, eczema, sinusitis or hayfever or digestive problems such as irritable bowel.  Sometimes the discomfort is minimal, but when the body’s reaction is such that it stops you living life to the full, it is time to identify the allergen.


During the Alternative Health Check the vega machine can identify your sensitivities and will also measure the energies in your body to find out which organs may be struggling.  A diet is then recommended and some nutritional or homeopathic remedies may be suggested to balance the body energies and help obtain optimal health.


Alison Wyndham



July 16, 2009 by  
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Cranial osteopathy can be particularly useful in treating the pain of headache, migraine, sinusitis and facial pain. It is extremely gentle, and so can be the technique of choice for those patients whose symptoms may be too acute for conventional osteopathic manipulative treatment, for example in the case of a recent acute back sprain with severe muscle spasm. It can also be an effective method of unravelling the long standing, chronic pain of misalignment, perhaps harking back to an old unresolved trauma such as a whiplash accident.


Cranial osteopathy is renowned as the primary method to treat the pain and distress of infantile colic, and also has its place in the treatment of torticollis, glue ear and many other paediatric complaints.