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  • Tennis Elbow

    Tennis is a great game to watch and even better to play. Whether you are a serious player or someone who just likes to have a knock around more socially, it can lead to problems that if not caught early, can lead to significant lay off through injury. Here, we will outline a couple of […]

  • Sciatica

    Most people suffer from back pain or sciatica at least once in their lives. It is a very common problem but it doesn’t have to be serious. Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body. It is made of solid bony blocks (vertebrae) separated by discs (a bit like a jam doughnut […]

  • The Importance of Stretching

    For specific stretches please give us a call to make an appointment with one of our chartered physiotherapists – Fleet Street 020 7404 0023 or Baldock 01462 893586. General Stretches: The benefits of stretching include reduced muscle soreness after exercising and even better performance. Do not bounce – it risks pulling or tearing the muscle […]

  • Fight Disease with One Simple Dietary Change

    Can the kind of fats you eat really be a major culprit in lowering your immune system, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease? Dr. Andrew Weil a Harvard Medical School graduate and internationally-recognized nutrition expert, says they can. He says dietary fats are vital to health, because they either promote or combat inflammation, and as I […]

  • Vitamin D….. The Essential Vitamin

    We are definitely into winter now and unlikely to get our Vitamin D from the sunshine. So it is important that everyone takes a supplement during the winter months as research show that the average person today has lower levels of Vitamin D than their parents had 30 years ago! Vitamin D is essential for: […]

  • Another Cause of Back Pain

    The circulation of your blood is vital to life but if that blood is full of toxins it can also be a cause of pain.  In fact, many forms of pain, illness and disease can be linked to, or are caused by toxic blood. In certain states the blood can actually harm the body.  These […]

  • Statins Cause Infections and Inflammation!

    Researchers have discovered that one of the most widely prescribed drugs for lowering cholesterol has a serious side effect that causes widespread infection and inflammation. The statin drug, simvastatin, blocks the body’s natural abilities to kill infections, and it also encourages the growth of other molecules that increase inflammation in the body. Scientists from the […]

  • Reflexology, Massage, Energy Healing, Yoga and Meditation for Digestive Health

    More than any other system in the human body, the digestive system makes us aware when all is functioning well, but it can also inform us when things are not functioning correctly. Reflexology, Massage, Energy Healing, Yoga, and Meditation can help with a number of digestive problems such as constipation, food allergies, and intestinal disorders […]

  • Vitamin D

    Have you often wondered why you feel better in the summer when the sun is out? Well the simple answer is Vitamin D.  Virtually every organ system in your body is dependent on sunshine for optimal performance because it triggers Vitamin D production in your cells.  Vitamin D is an ‘essential’ vitamin which means that […]

  • Tennis Elbow

    Summer tends to encourage us all to hit the sun drenched tennis courts. Unfortunately, it also means that it’s the time of year for tennis related injuries. One of the most common is tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), a pain on the outside of the elbow, which can radiate down into the forearm. This involves a […]