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  • Healthy Heart

    What is a healthy heart?  One that pumps your blood and nutrients around your body at a pressure of 120/80. 120 is the systolic pressure, when the heart beats, 80 is the diastolic pressure, when the heart relaxes. The slower our heart rate the longer we live. To do this it requires healthy arteries, healthy […]

  • The Gold Alternative Health Check

    The responsibility of your health is yours, no one else has got quite the same interest in it as you have.  To make sure that you keep yourself healthy and understand your problems a Gold Alternative Health Check is a good option.  Not only do I cover the conventional tests but also look at your […]

  • Women have Different Heart Attacks

    If you or someone you love was having a heart attack, would you be able to recognize the symptoms? According to Dr. Al Sears MD, you may be surprised to learn there’s more to a heart attack than chest pain. Especially in women. In fact, many women never realize they’re having a heart attack, until […]

  • Easy Ways to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

    Our biggest killer in this country for men and women is still cardiovascular disease, and yet it doesn’t have to happen! You can reverse cardiovascular disease with a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet. In 2005 Dr Colin Campbell and his colleagues published a book ‘The China Study’, detailing their 40 year research on thousands […]

  • A Silent Cause of Heart Problems

    It is inflammation in the arteries, not cholesterol, that causes up to half of all heart problems in this country every year, and many people never even see it coming! They eat the right foods, exercise and watch their weight. They look and feel great, right up to the minute that their hearts stop beating. […]