Homeopathy and Digestive Health

Homeopathy works well in cases of indigestion. There are many Homeopathic remedies which can help with digestive problems, these are chosen according to the specific symptoms of each case. The following two are well known for reliving digestive symptoms.

The remedy NUX VOMICA is very useful in all kinds of problems due to overindulgence in stimulants, spices or alcohol.  Two hours after eating the food lies in the stomach like a stone.  It is helpful for heartburn, nausea but difficult to vomit or belch.  Person who craves fats, spices, alcohol, beer and stimulants would benefit from taking this remedy.

The second remedy CARBO VEG is useful in cases of bloating, heartburn and nausea with sour regurgitation.  Slow digestion.  For people who are sensitive to rich foods, fats and milk. They are hungry but feel full after eating a little. The person who needs this remedy will often look pale, fell cold, weak, dull and are short of breath, with a craving for fresh air.

The remedies are best taken in 6 or 12 potency, for 2 or 3 doses, 30 minutes apart.  If there is no improvement consult your GP.