Come and hear how you can turn your life around and become healthier, more energised, lose those extra pounds and look younger!

In the modern world we live in, staying healthy is no longer as simple as it was even a 100 years ago. We tend to look back at Victorian times and think of them as times of terrible disease and poverty. The truth is, the level of disease and poverty today are far greater than they were then.

With all of the knowledge and technological advances in so many areas the BIG question is WHY! Why are we suffering so badly as a human race? Yes mortality rates are much better but is life itself any better?

After 30 years of working in the healthcare industry I have observed some very simple facts, and yet the impact of these simple facts on humanity is staggering.

The level of disease is increasing at alarming rates, poverty on inhumane levels is growing as the great divide between those that have and those that do not, grows even wider.

People’s knowledge regarding what is happening to our world, is decreasing as we become evermore focused on survival rather than why we are having to fight to survive in the first place.

Stress has become such a powerful part of everyone’s daily life regardless of age. Technology has added significantly to these stress levels even though one might think they were designed to make life easier! Have they really?

However if we focus on one simple fact we might just stand a chance.

The need to take responsibility for one’s own life and health now is no longer just the rhetoric of the new age warriors, it is a startling necessity for everyone.

It does not, though, need to be as onerous a task as you may think.

In the post war years families supplemented their diet significantly with home grown foods that were indigenous to the country they lived in. Food was wholesome and tasted as food should, dairy products and meat were a far greater rarity than they are now. In direct correlation to this, disease was significantly lower than it is now. Could there be a link? Today 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer, 68% of the population of modern Britain is either diabetic or pre diabetic. Parkinson’s disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimers and countless other health problems are being faced by virtually every family on the planet, this is not getting better it is getting worse!

Simple logic would tell you that if you put washing up liquid in the tank of your car which normally runs on petrol or diesel, is it not going to work well, or at all? Without doubt it is going to struggle to even get started I would think. Consider your body the same way, if you are putting food into your body that is nutritionally bankrupt, grown in mineral deficient earth, harvested before it has ripened properly, forced to grow in unnatural toxic environments, sprayed with chemicals to protect them from pests but that are hazardous to you, is your body going to function properly?

The simple facts are that life has changed, we are eating foods that in the main are being purchased from large retail stores that are now controlling agricultural practices worldwide. Food is being grown to order in shape size, colour, weight etc., and it is being harvested prior to its natural ripening timeline in order to give a longer shelf life. So the whole focus is on profit not you, sadly you are irrelevant to the farmers and stores.

The average person has no idea of exactly what their body needs to sustain normal life in terms of nutrients essential fatty acids etc. They may have heard the words but have no idea where they come from or how to get them. The level of pre prepared meals now filling the aisles in shopping centres tells the whole story, we have no time to live, it’s hardly surprising we are failing so badly to experience positive health.

We could drill into this a lot deeper but I think you are getting the message, if we are using gas to artificially ripen fruit and spraying other foods with food fragrances to have you believe it is wholesome, we have a problem.

Unless you have a degree in nutritional sciences how are you ever going to know what your body needs? It is time to look to reliable sources that have been well researched and that are focused on health and transformation rather than profit, it’s time to educate ourselves, or at least become aware of what is really going on in our world.

The good news is that help is out there if you know where to look!

Instead of being a part of an increasingly obese race of people, become part of the solution. You do not have to remain one of the overfed undernourished masses that turn into one of the increasing numbers of the diseased.

Join us on Wednesday 18 October at 7.00pm in The Baldock Community Centre, Simpson Drive, Baldock, SG7 6DH, to hear how Raven turned his life around and became healthier and more energised losing stones in the process.

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