• Plantar Fasciitis (Pain in the Heel & Arch)

    What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar Fasciitis is a general term given to pain experienced on the bottom of the foot, often towards the heel. When the plantar fascia, an unyielding ribbon of connective tissue running from the heel to the ball of the foot, is under excessive tension, pain at the insertion point onto the […]

  • Joint Pain

    Do you suffer joint pains?  Are you taking ant-inflammatory drugs?  Well, did you know that they could cause stomach bleeding?  Here are a few ideas and some natural supplements that you can take to help with all types of joint problems. Our joints withstand years of use and abuse, we expect them just to carry […]

  • REFLEXOLOGY for pain

    By working on the reflex points on the feet, we are working through the nerve pathways, therefore working all the organs, functions of the body and body parts that are congested, damaged due to accident, injury or illness.   By balancing the organ with the nerve pathway from the spine, tension and pain can be […]

  • LIFE COACHING for pain relief

    Try Life Coaching for dealing with emotional pain.  If you feel any anger, guilt, grief, bitterness or resentment, you will be suffering because of it.  These feelings may also result in physical dysfunction.  Louise L Hay (author of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’) explains that illness is often caused by dis-ease. Coaching can help you […]

  • KUNDALINI YOGA for pain

    Meditation is a very powerful tool that is used within Kundalini Yoga and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. Through breathing and meditation, focusing at the brow chakra, you can regain control of your mind, body and walk the path of the soul. You can gain freedom from all worldly limitations, including those that […]


    Indian Head Massage can help headaches and neck and shoulder pain. It is soothing, relaxing and eases stiff muscles. It increases the circulation in the scalp and neck and shoulder muscles, sending more oxygen to these areas. It releases toxins to help ease pain. As the upper body and head is massaged, there is usually […]

  • HOMEOPATHY for pain

    There are many types of pain and it is a part of everyday life. Homeopathy can be helpful in reducing and coping with pain. The most common type of pain is caused by trauma and injury. Homeopathy can be very useful in cases of first aid, and the following three remedies are some of the […]

  • ENERGY HEALING for pain

    By working within the aura (the energy centre that surrounds the body), congestion, emotions, negativity can be drawn out, therefore alleviating pain. It is very important to get to the root cause of the pain or it will return. Energy healing allows us to do this.   Jane Oppegaard


    Cranial osteopathy can be particularly useful in treating the pain of headache, migraine, sinusitis and facial pain. It is extremely gentle, and so can be the technique of choice for those patients whose symptoms may be too acute for conventional osteopathic manipulative treatment, for example in the case of a recent acute back sprain with severe […]