Health Issues

  • More Help for Migraine sufferers

    I spoke last time about 3 nutrients that help to relieve headaches, well here is the result of another study saying that daily supplements of vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid were found to reduce the frequency, severity and disability of migraine headaches twofold. The study conducted by researchers at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia […]

  • A vital missing nutrient linked to cancer and other symptoms

    According to Dr Al Sears MD in America, many of us are deficient in iodine, and it is so important for many processes of the body. Mainstream medicine regularly ignores iodine. You’ll probably only hear about it if you have thyroid problems. But iodine is an essential mineral. It’s responsible for the production of every […]

  • Easy Ways to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

    Our biggest killer in this country for men and women is still cardiovascular disease, and yet it doesn’t have to happen! You can reverse cardiovascular disease with a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet. In 2005 Dr Colin Campbell and his colleagues published a book ‘The China Study’, detailing their 40 year research on thousands […]

  • A Silent Cause of Heart Problems

    It is inflammation in the arteries, not cholesterol, that causes up to half of all heart problems in this country every year, and many people never even see it coming! They eat the right foods, exercise and watch their weight. They look and feel great, right up to the minute that their hearts stop beating. […]

  • Asprin causes internal bleeding

    Great news… new research, which has been printed in the Lancet, shows that a healthy person taking asprin as a precaution against strokes and heart attacks is more prone to internal bleeding. Asprin and anti-inflammatories are well known for causing ulcers and stomach bleeding so why it has been recommended to people to take as […]

  • Natural Help for Hayfever

    It is that time of the year again when we start sneezing, scratching the back of our throats with our tongue and itching in the nose and eyes! Not only is it uncomfortable and most disagreeable but it can also be exhausting. Hayfever is an immune response, your body is fighting an allergen. Why is […]

  • Aromatherapy for stress

    Your heart pounds, chest heaves, muscles tighten, senses sharpen, time slips into slow motion and you become impervious to pain. Under certain conditions, this would be an appropriate healthy reaction, because now you are prepared to do battle. The trouble is however, that you are probably still sitting in your car or at your desk […]