• Sarah Sunderland – Patient Testimonials

    1. “I have been receiving treatment from Sarah for around 9 months and have seen a massive improvement in my condition in that period. Sarah offers practical advice and tailored ways to manage my symptoms without disrupting my busy daily routine. Most importantly from my perspective, she is also warm, friendly and approachable, and put […]

  • Step 6 to a Healthy Gut

    Bad Gut Bacteria   In a healthy colon, there are billions of beneficial bacteria. Usually they multiply at a fast enough rate to keep up with the numbers that are lost during elimination. They help to keep the proper pH of the colon and therefore prevent any ‘bad’ bacteria from over growing. These ‘friendly’ bacteria […]

  • Step 5 to a Healthy Gut

    Low Stomach Acid   Pharmaceutical companies persuade the public to buy antacids for what their advertising calls ‘an over-acid stomach’, but the symptoms of acid indigestion and heartburn are usually caused by incomplete digestion. This incomplete digestion, as is the case in many people with IBS, is caused by too little or no stomach acid, […]

  • What is Back Pain?

    Back pain is a huge problem all over the world affecting both men and women alike, and strikes every type of worker, from truck drivers and labourers, to executives and homemakers. Although back pain is common, when you are the one who has it, it may seem that no-one else can truly understand your suffering. […]

  • Step 4 to a Healthy Gut

    Fungal Yeast and mould are fungus, and there are over 200 that may live within the body. Some fungus feed off dead organisms whilst others, the parasitic fungus, feed off live organisms. These pathogenic fungus cause human diseases such as athletes foot, ring worm, dandruff, rosacea, swimmers ear, nail infections and yeast infections. Candida Albicans, […]

  • Step 3 to a Healthy Gut

    Parasites   Parasites, by definition, live off other living things. These days, due to our toxic environment, we are exposed to all kinds of ‘parasites’, from other people, our own homes, the food we eat and the water we drink. There are over 3,200 varieties. Those that infest our bodies not only live off the […]

  • Step 2 to a Healthy Gut

    Leaky Gut Wall   The gut has many functions: it digests food absorbs small food particles to be converted into energy vitamins and minerals attached to carrier proteins are taken across the gut lining into the blood stream helps to detoxify the body contains antibodies that act as the first line of defence against infections […]