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  • Prevent Back Pain – At Play

    Most people aren’t Olympic athletes and their bodies aren’t able to play sports at a ferocious pace. Whatever your sport or game, follow these tips. DO warm up before any sport DO wear good footwear and appropriate clothing DO stop if you are injured DO cry off if you have a cold or feel ill […]

  • Prevent Back Pain – In The Garden

    DO some gentle stretching before you start gardening DO bend your knees, not your back, when digging and weeding DO use a kneeler and other equipment designed to prevent back strain DO keep close to the tree or shrub you are pulling out and don’t jerk things out suddenly DO keep your tool-shed tidy; it […]

  • Prevent Back Pain – At Work

    Although not everything that happens at work is in your control, you can ensure that your immediate working environment is safe for your back. DO some simple stretching exercises every so often DO sit up straight with a cushion in the small of your back DO keep your elbows at right angles when using a […]

  • Prevent Back Pain – In The Home

    DON’T put your back out putting your back into cleaning and DIY DO stand on a stable chair or ladder, rather than stretch too far when painting the ceiling, dusting etc DO squat or kneel to dust skirting boards or reach low shelves DO push the vacuum cleaner to front of you rather than swing […]

  • Looking After Your Back

    Most back pain can be avoided if you: Maintain good posture – the way you stand, sit work and sleep Watch your weight – being overweight for your height and sex can add extra stress to your spine Keep fit and active – strong back and stomach muscles help support your spine Consider your everyday […]

  • Prickly Heat/Sweat Rash

    Prickly heat, as its name suggests, is a very itchy red skin rash, causing a prickling or burning feeling and occurs in people who are particularly sensitive to the sun.  It is a common condition and may occur when you sweat a lot in hot or humid weather. Dead skin cells and bacteria block the […]

  • Bites and Stings

    Bites and stings are very common in the Summer and can be from a variety of insects including midges, mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas, lice and ants.  Some people react more to bites and stings than others and in some instances the area can swell up considerably. The site of the bite usually appears red and can […]

  • Dehydration

    When summer comes and the temperatures go up it is more important than ever to drink WATER…..not juice or squash, not tea or coffee but WATER. The human body is 70% water.  It makes up 75% volume of our muscles and heart, 83% of our brain and kidneys, 86% of our lungs and 95% of […]